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  • Brown to feel Parliament heat over EU Treaty

    News | EU Priorities 2020 22-10-2007

    UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown has promised "the fullest Parliamentary debate" over the EU's new treaty agreed in Lisbon last week but once again ruled out holding a referendum, saying the substance of the new text is different from the defunct EU Constitution.

  • EU summit: leaders strike treaty deal

    News | Future EU 19-10-2007

    European leaders on Thursday (18 October) reached a deal on a new 'Reform Treaty', ending two years of stalemate following the rejection of the draft EU Constitution in 2005. But attention is now soon to turn to ratification, with several countries under pressure to hold a referendum on the new text.

  • The Reform Treaty and its implications explained

    Opinion | Future EU 18-10-2007

    An agreement on the new Reform Treaty looks likely at this week's summit, according to Hugo Brady and Katinka Barysch of the Centre for European Reform (CER).

  • EU treaty summit: nothing left to discuss?

    News | EU Priorities 2020 18-10-2007

    With most disagreements on the draft 'Reform Treaty' ironed out, the Portuguese Presidency has decided to shift EU leaders' attention to a general debate on globalisation at an informal summit in Lisbon. Meanwhile, a new opinion poll shows citizens in the EU's five largest member states are in favour of holding a referendum on the new text.

  • Italy says Parliament reshuffle ‘unacceptable’

    News | EU Priorities 2020 12-10-2007

    New plans for the distribution of MEPs' seats have come under attack by Italy, which risks losing out on equal footing with France and the UK. Prime Minister Romano Prodi said Italy might block the new system from being inserted in the new EU Treaty to be agreed at a summit in Lisbon next week.

  • EU officials confident in run-up to Treaty summit

    News | Future EU 11-10-2007

    The Portuguese Presidency and the Commission have shown optimism that an agreement can be found on the proposed Reform Treaty at a crucial summit in Lisbon next week. They were in Parliament yesterday to update MEPs on the issue as Poland remains the last stumbling block.

  • Poland ‘very optimistic’ over new EU Treaty deal

    News | Future EU 09-10-2007

    Polish President Lech Kaczynski said he was '95-98%' confident that the EU will come to an agreement on the proposed Reform Treaty following a meeting with French President Nicholas Sarkozy, just days ahead of the summit that is set to seal the final accord.

  • Legal experts hand over draft EU Treaty for approval

    News | Future EU 03-10-2007

    A draft version of the EU's new Reform Treaty was provisionally approved by legal experts yesterday (2 October), but some political issues, such as the Polish demand to add the 'Ioannina compromise' on voting rights, could resurface at an informal summit two weeks from now.

  • Wallström in push to change EU communications strategy

    News | EU Priorities 2020 03-10-2007

    In a new plan to be unveiled today (3 October), the Commission will propose that member states and EU institutions put an end to the "Brussels blame game" and join forces around a common communications strategy in order to win back support from citizens for the 2009 European elections.

  • Barroso urges Poland to ‘solve EU’s problems’

    News | Future EU 21-09-2007

    On a visit to Warsaw, Commission President José Manuel Barroso called on Polish Prime Minister Jaroslaw Kaczynski to 'find technical solutions' to the EU's draft Reform Treaty, as Poland is again making Council voting rights a stumbling block in the negotiations, due to be finalised in October.

  • Barroso urges UK to support EU Treaty

    News | Future EU 18-09-2007

    Commission President José Manuel Barroso has urged the UK to give its backing on the Reform Treaty, in time for the next Summit on 18-19 October, but avoided a clear positioning on the UK referendum question.

  • Polish elections hang over EU Treaty talks

    News | Future EU 10-09-2007

    The EU is hopeful of finalising its new 'Reform Treaty' in less than six weeks, despite renewed worries over the upcoming Polish elections to be held on 21 October, foreign ministers announced after an informal meeting on 7-8 September. 

  • Implications of the Reform Treaty for EU Justice and Home Affairs policies

    Opinion | Justice & Home Affairs 04-09-2007

    The field of Justice and Home Affairs is among those most "fundamentally changed" by the Reform Treaty, write Sergio Carrera and Florian Geyer in a 17 August 2007 paper for the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).

  • Parliament: EU Treaty talks will raise political issues

    News | Future EU 30-08-2007

    The UK opt-out on the charter of fundamental rights is among the issues in need of "further legal clarification", according to the three MEPs taking part in the Intergovernmental Conference (IGC) after a meeting with Commission President José Manuel Barroso.

  • Gordon Brown faces EU Treaty referendum battle

    News | Brexit 23-08-2007

    The UK prime minister met with his German counterpart Angela Merkel, amid increasing pressure to hold a referendum on the new EU Treaty as trade unions joined forces with Conservatives and Eurosceptics.

  • Understanding the Brussels agreement on Reform Treaty

    Opinion | Future EU 26-07-2007

    On 23 July, the EU launched an Intergovernmental Conference to provide a legal basis for the June Summit's political agreement, and prepare a text to revise the current treaties. Jean-Dominique Giuliani of the Robert Schuman Foundation outlines the new perspectives that will potentially become European policy following this turning point.

  • Foreign ministers open EU Treaty talks

    News | Future EU 24-07-2007

    Negotiations have begun to finalise the draft 'Reform Treaty', based on the detailed mandate agreed by EU leaders at the June Summit. Representatives of the EU institutions have urged member states not to open up new issues and reach an agreement by October.

  • ‘Patience with Poland has come to an end’

    Interview | Future EU 18-07-2007

    Despite some criticism, Socialist MEP Jo Leinen thinks the EU's draft ‘Reform Treaty’ represents a ‘huge improvement’ compared to the Nice Treaty currently in force. But he warns that if Poland tries to drive the rest of the EU crazy once more, it may receive a 'red card' from the Portuguese Presidency.

  • Giscard: Treaty changes made to avoid referenda

    News | Future EU 18-07-2007

    Valery Giscard d’Estaing, the 'father' of the EU Constitution rejected by French and Dutch voters in 2005, said the draft ‘Reform Treaty’ agreed at the June Summit only represented ‘cosmetic changes’ compared to the preivous version - in remarks that will comfort critics who argue that the new Treaty brings the Constitution in 'by the back door'.

  • EU states join criticism of Putin’s arms-treaty withdrawal

    News | Security 16-07-2007

    Several member states added their voices to the US and NATO's "disappointment" on 14 July 2007 over Russian President Vladimir Putin's suspension of Russia's participation in a key arms-control treaty.

  • Portugal holds firm on EU Treaty mandate

    News | Future EU 12-07-2007

    The Portuguese EU Presidency has vowed to stick a hard-won June agreement to draft an EU Reform Treaty, amid concerns that Poland might ask to reopen discussions on voting rights in the Council.

  • EU moves from ‘disastrous’ Constitution experiment

    Opinion | Future EU 11-07-2007

    EU member states have agreed on a blueprint for a new Treaty, rescuing a number of key institutional reforms but amending only the existing EU Framework. Hugo Brady, research fellow at the Centre for European Reform (CER), states that the Treaty is an admission that the enlarged Union has become much more diverse.

  • Poland warned over EU Treaty squabble

    News | Future EU 03-07-2007

    On the occasion of the Portuguese Presidency launch, Prime Minister José Socrates and Commission President José Manuel Barroso united to urge Poland and other member states to stick to their commitments on the EU Reform Treaty, as nationalist Polish politicians vowed to undermine it.

  • A way out of the EU’s Constitutional dilemma

    Opinion | Future EU 22-06-2007

    Those member states who supported the original Constitutional Treaty (CT) should demand a radical revision of the current treaty amendment procedure in return for their readiness to compromise in the forthcoming intergovernmental conference (IGC), writes Janis A. Emmanouilidis of the Centre for Applied Policy Research (CAP) in a June 2007 paper.