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Future EU 21-09-2012

Which institutions for the euro area?

José Manuel Barroso and Herman Van Rompuy have already sketched out the broad outlines of an institutional architecture for the euro area that is sound in monetary matters but which needs to be further improved by combining effectiveness and legitimacy, writes António Vitorino.
Future EU 19-09-2012

Two roads towards a European federation

If José Manuel Barroso's ideas for institutional reforms are established, the political consolidation cannot but stabilise the economy and the financial market. The implementation of fiscal union and of democratic union are not conflicting goals, argue Guido Montani and Antonio Padoa-Shioppa.
Future EU 04-09-2012

Germany’s campaign to save Europe

By highlighting what European integration has achieved in the Ich will Europa (I Want Europe) campaign, German Chancellor Angela Merkel attempts to persuade German citizens that further sacrifices are worthwhile, argues Stratfor.
Elections 19-07-2012

Romania and the EU: There is life after the referendum

Romania has to learn that, just as there was no easy way in, there is no easy way inside the EU club either. The European Commission is the guardian of the treaties and will act as such, as it did with other countries as well. This is one important lesson, says Radu Magdin.
Future EU 18-07-2012

The post-mortem on ACTA

The effects of the ACTA are serious and far-reaching, touching the health and lives of people in poorer countries worldwide. The ambiguity with which the treaty is written provides significant scope for improper implementation with the potential to create more harm than benefit, argues Andreas Geiger.
Energy 13-06-2012

EU rejects first citizen’s petition, on nuclear power

For the first time, the European Commission has rejected a proposed European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), one that sought to phase out the use of all nuclear energy within the EU.

Italy proposes new Treaty change

Italy's Finance Minister Giulio Tremonti called yesterday (19 April) for a new revision of the EU Treaties in order to equip the European Union with updated tools to face immigration, the economic crisis and energy challenges.
Climate change 10-03-2010

EU comes up with exit strategy for climate talks

The EU's new commissioner for climate action wants Europe to continue leading global negotiations and pursue deeper emission cuts, even if its current pledge of 20% reductions by 2020 is not matched by other developed countries. 
Future EU 01-12-2009

New EU treaty enters into force, sparking reform

The European Union's Lisbon Treaty comes into force today (1 December), bringing to life the bloc's plans to overhaul its institutions and gain a greater role on the world stage.
Future EU 06-04-2009

Can an Irish protocol be added to Croatia’s Accession Agreement?

"There is unlikely to be anyone with locus standi who would challenge non-compliance with Community law [in the European Court of Justice]" on the Irish protocol issue, writes Stanley Crossick, the founder of the European Policy Centre and a commentator on EU policies, on his blog.
Future EU 24-11-2008

Ireland’s future after Lisbon

Ireland's rejection of the Lisbon Treaty this summer "endangers the national interest as defined for the past half century," according to a November paper from the Dublin-based Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA).
EU Priorities 2020 13-06-2008

Ireland shows EU establishment the red card

The citizens of the only EU country to hold a popular vote on the Lisbon Treaty have rebuffed the Union's entire political class with a resounding 'no' to the reform text, throwing the EU into yet another political crisis.
Future EU 06-03-2008

UK MPs reject referendum on EU Treaty

MPs in the UK have rejected a proposal put forward by the opposition Conservatives to hold a popular referendum on the Treaty of Lisbon, paving the way for the text to be ratified via parliamentary vote.
EU Priorities 2020 08-02-2008

Appointing the next European Council president

Developing a procedure for the appointment of the first permanent president of the European Council would be more useful at this stage than putting forward names of individuals, according to French MEP Alain Lamassoure.
Future EU 05-02-2008

Slovakia to hold EU Treaty vote amid opposition protest

Slovakia's parliament is scheduled to vote on the Treaty of Lisbon on Thursday (February 7) after ratification was postponed for the second time last week in the wake of opposition protests over a media bill introduced by the ruling coalition. EURACTIV Slovakia reports.
Future EU 30-01-2008

Slovenia and Malta ratify EU treaty

Slovenia and Malta have become the latest countries to ratify the new EU Treaty agreed upon by EU leaders in December last year.
Future EU 11-12-2007

Treaty of Lisbon ‘must not fail’

The Treaty of Lisbon represents the abandonment of the "constitutional concept" whereby the current EU treaties would have been replaced by a single text, writes Marianne Dony for the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB).
EU Priorities 2020 05-11-2007

Public support for EU treaty low in Ireland

Only 25% of Irish citizens would currently vote in favour of the Lisbon Treaty about to be signed by EU leaders on 13 December, according to a recent poll, which also showed many voters still need to make up their minds ahead of a referendum on the new EU treaty.
Future EU 05-11-2007

The Reform Treaty: two treaties for the price of one?

The EU's Reform Treaty has actually produced two treaties: "a treaty on the EU, which contains most of the institutional provisions, and a second treaty on the functioning of the Union", write Daniel Gros and Stefano Micossi of the Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS).
EU Priorities 2020 30-10-2007

French want their say on EU treaty, survey shows

61% of French citizens would like to see a referendum on the 'Lisbon Treaty' set to be signed by EU leaders in December, according to a recent poll. However, President Nicolas Sarkozy remains determined to pass the document by parliamentary vote.
Future EU 29-10-2007

Understanding the Lisbon European Council and the Reform Treaty

The draft Reform Treaty, adopted by the EU 27 at the Lisbon Council on 18 and 19 October is "modest but makes it possible to break the institutional stalemate", writes Jean-Dominique Giuliani in an October paper from the Robert Schuman Foundation.
EU Priorities 2020 23-10-2007

Treaty reform: over and done with…at last

Last week's treaty summit may mark the end of an entire phase of the European integration process in which progress has chiefly been made through institutional "giant leaps forward", argues a post-summit analysis from the European Policy Centre (EPC).

Reform Treaty leaves unions with mixed feelings

The European Trade Union Confederation and social NGOs have welcomed the new 'Reform Treaty' agreed upon by EU leaders in Lisbon last week. At the same time, they expressed disappointment over Poland and the UK's opt-outs from the Charter of Fundamental Rights.
EU Priorities 2020 22-10-2007

Europe’s future: a chance for wise men?

It is not a foregone conclusion that the 'committee of wise men' proposed by Nicolas Sarkozy to reshape the EU's future will be a success, and it is vital to prevent it from being "instrumentalised in the political arena", argues a new Spotlight Europe paper.

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