Orban attacks the European Court of Human Rights

Orban: "The Human Rights Court should be urgently reformed because its judgments are a “threat to the security of EU people and invitation for migrants." [European People's Party/Flickr]

Speaking today (30 March) at the annual congress of the European People’s Party (EPP) in Malta, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán fiercely attacked migration, calling it a “Trojan Horse of terrorism.” He also attacked the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR).

Orbán said that the ECHR should be urgently reformed because its judgments were a “threat to the security of EU people and invitation for migrants”.

In February, the Court ordered Hungary to pay thousands of euros to two refugees for keeping them in a border transit zone.

Migration turned out to be more and more an NGO business and revealed that we have imported significant “anti-Semitic potential to Europe”, the Hungarian premier said, adding that it has become evident that even the language of the liberal political correctness is “unable to identify and understand the true dangers of migration”.

Visegrád Four slam 'blackmail' by Brussels on migrants

Leaders from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland (the Visegrád Four) rejected yesterday (28 March) what they called Brussels’ use of “blackmail and diktat” over planned resettlements of migrants across the EU.

According to Orbán, if things continue like this, there will be a dominant Muslim presence in our lifetime.

Left is “fatal” for Europe

Orbán, also, attacked European leftists, saying that they want to let to millions of Muslims in. “They want to force bureaucratic rules in our labor market, raise taxes and….build socialism in Europe.”

He noted that such a scenario would be “fatal”, as Europeans would lose their Christian identity, competitiveness and hope of full employment.

Orbán vowed an intellectual and political fight with the left. “We are the EPP. We should not be afraid of leftist criticism calling us populist,” he said amid applause.

“I understand that the left is putting us under ideological pressure in order to make us feel guilty for the crusades […] but this leftist policy is intellectually disarming Europe against migration,” he emphasised.

Hungary 'ready to detain all migrants'

Hungary said yesterday (27 March) it was ready to begin detaining asylum-seekers in camps on its southern border with Serbia after passing a law this month that has drawn criticism from rights groups and the UN.

Full control of borders

The Hungarian politician stressed that EU borders must be under full control.

“Don’t believe anyone who says that this is impossible. We Hungarians protect our borders without significant EU support,” he said referring to Greek Premier Alexis Tsipras, who has said that sea borders are difficult to control.

euractiv.com asked the EPP if it agrees with the extreme positions expressed by Orbán. It has not received any answer by the time of this article’s publication.

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