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Tim Jackson on prosperity without growth –
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Tim Jackson on prosperity without growth

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The publication of Prosperity Without Growth in 2009 was a landmark in the sustainability debate. Tim Jackson’s piercing challenge to conventional economics openly questioned the most highly-prized goal of politicians and economists alike: the continued pursuit of exponential economic growth. Its findings provoked controversy, inspired debate and led to a new wave of research building on its arguments and conclusions.

The ETUI followed those debates closely and was thrilled to welcome Professor Jackson at the occasion of the ETUI March Monthly forum. At the forum, he talked about the substantially revised and re-written second edition of his book, which updates the arguments and considerably expands upon them.

Jackson demonstrates that building a ‘post-growth’ economy is a precise, definable and meaningful task. Starting from clear first principles, he sets out the dimensions of that task: the nature of enterprise; the quality of our working lives; the structure of investment; the role of the money supply. He shows how the economy of tomorrow may be transformed in ways which protect employment, facilitate social investment, reduce inequality and deliver both ecological and financial stability.

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