Building a transparent digital single market

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The newly released 2016 Activity Report from the European Interactive Digital Advertising Alliance (EDAA) shows a strong record of activity and adaptation to consumer needs over the course of last year. It also shows a vibrant and inclusive advertising ecosystem infrastructure ready to adapt to the changing regulatory landscape going forward.

The programme continues to grow year-on-year, with over 165 businesses participating in the programme in 2016 across Europe, representing a unique achievement.

Furthermore, internet users across the 33 markets (EU, EEA, Switzerland and Turkey) have been exercising choice and control over their online advertising preferences, with an average of 1.9 million visitors to the “youronlinechoices” website.

There they can decide whether to receive OBA (Online Behavioural Advertising) from the companies listed. What’s more, recent research, detailed in the report, shows growing awareness of the OBA programme among users. In Portugal (59%), Greece (52%) and Ireland (39%), followed by the United Kingdom (34%), awareness of the OBA Icon has risen steadily for five consecutive years.

And the evidence is clear that better information, and the ability to manage one’s online advertising preferences, results in internet users being more favourable towards OBA.

44% of respondents say they are more favourable towards the concept of OBA when presented with information provided by clicking on the icon and having the opportunity to manage their privacy preferences.

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