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The EURACTIV family cooperates with a number of national media, innovation companies and group of readers to support the transformation of the sector on four fronts: Data Journalism (EurActory & PolicyLine), Translated Syndication, Media Policies (#Media4EU) and Media Networks.

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I. Data Journalism

For its own innovations but with open source goals, EURACTIV prepares EurActory and PolicyLine. This major data journalism project is co-funded by DG CONNECT with strategic partners, initially Oracle, and coordinated by Intrasoft. Eight partners, including EURACTIV are joining their forces and know-how to make the EU policy-making more transparent and more efficient.

EURACTORY – Identify policy influencers

More and more people participate in debating Europe: online and offline, on social media, in blogposts, in reports or at conferences. Today’s EU policy makers are overwhelmed with information from civil society, business representatives, lobbyists or think tanks.
How do you know who to listen to? How do you know who matters most to you?
EurActory is a new and free service, developed by EU Community. EurActory scans the growing amount of information about people involved in EU policy making. It analyses and ranks the information, identifying the real experts. EurActory tells you who the most influential experts are, and what you need to know about them. You can browse experts by policy area or dive into specific profile pages.

Interested to know how the ranking is made? More information here.

A ranking of the top 40 policy experts with influence in EU Energy Union policy was unveiled at a debate on the “State of the Energy Union one year after its launch”, organised by the EURACTIV Institute. For more information on this particular ranking follow this link.

POLICYLINE – Visualise key documents

PolicyLine aims to answer the questions “who supports what?” and “which positions emerge?” for a selection of policy topics. It was researched and developed by a consortium of 8 organisations and with the co-funding from DG Connect FP7 programme. By connecting key documents and visualising the policy process via powerful technologies and users input, PolicyLine will help EU affairs stakeholders better understand the EU legislative process and its leading trends.

It is an interactive and dynamic tool, meaning that users will contribute with documents and assessments to enrich the content and enhance the visualisation. At this stage, we have researched and monitored several aspects of the EU policy process and we released a private Beta version on Energy Efficiency Targets in December, in line with COP21. We are now enriching its content and seeking feedback from selected early users, and then we will add further pilot topics in stages.

Accordingly, EURACTIV is looking for a few strategic partners to support these major initiatives.

Supporting EU milestones creates a lasting impact

As in previous phases of strong European integration, certain organisations outside the Institutions can play a historic catalyst role. Fondation EURACTIV, the media and a few strategic partners can belong to such a pioneer group for the 21st century. EURACTIV will work with this selected group of corporates and foundations (sector exclusivity) on a 3-year project that provides recognition as an influential stakeholder in the debate, upstream of key decisions.

Read more on How You can Interact with the Influencers

II. Translated Syndication

ISSUES: not enough revenue, high costs and volatile readers
  • Decreasing revenues: digital platforms acting as gatekeepers (search engines, app stores, news aggregators, social media).

Need new models bundling more quality content.

  • Historic costs of content still high and slow editorial processes, vs fast & cheap digital platforms and social media.

Need efficiency and lower costs.

  • European media space clustered, inefficient exchanges, despite news of cross-border interest on global (social) media.

Need bridges to cross languages.

Constraints: 4 obstacles to efficient Translated Syndication
  • Journalists’ reluctance: one says mind-sets only change when in trouble. Should we wait further?
  • Translation is not enough: localisation and style will remain human assets, now enabled.
  • Most topics are local/national…: but 5-10% is not, get an edge, not agency retake.
  • Technical challenge: technologies exist; they need to be integrated in media platforms.
Opportunity: additional unique content on cross-border topics
  • Partners’ articles pointed to editors based on trending topics, editorial line and readers’ stats.

Partners includes EURACTIV Network and Media Partners plus in time other Networks.

  • Machine-assisted translation to boost capacity, plus post-editing localisation/styling.

Language technology and CMS integrator partners plus MT@EC, the translation tool of the EU Commission, also suited for media.

  • Re-publication to multiply quality content, online readers and client-support projects.

Packaged in an efficient platform for Selection, Translation and Syndication

To obtain more information please visit our Fondation EURACTIV page or contact:

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Arnaud Sonnet

Natalie Sarkic-Todd

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