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Chips Act: ‘Goal is not to beat competition, but to become autonomous’ Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act Upscaling and investing in quantum computing should be integrated in the European Chips Act as the…
Agrifood 01-07-2022

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Chips Act: ‘Goal is not to beat competition, but to become autonomous’    Experts call for focus on quantum computing in Chips Act    Upscaling and investing in quantum computing should be integrated in the European Chips Act as the...
Biomass 29-06-2022

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Broadband 11-06-2022

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Avec un puissant processeur Intel® et un remarquable circuit graphique NVIDIA®, le portable ThinkPad T14i comprend tout ce que vous attendez d’un PC pour venir à bout de toutes vos charges de travail. Le WiFi 6 ultra-rapide vous permet de...
Politics 11-06-2022

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Social Dialogue in Europe: the European Chemical Employers Group

The European Chemical Employers Group (ECEG) represents the chemical, pharmaceutical, rubber and plastics industries in Europe.


Commission champions ‘laissez-faire’ in first response to FinTech revolution

The European Commission will start shaping the environment for the fast-evolving digital revolution in the financial sector later this year in a proposal for retail financing with a clear stance: let the revolution flourish. The institution will unveil late this...

Precision agriculture: future of the CAP?

Precision agriculture enables the modulation of cultural practices and doses inputs (seeds, fertilisers, plant protection products, water) based on the variability of soil and crop requirements. Currently, 150 000 ha are managed in precision agriculture in France and 50% of...

Cutting-edge technologies struggle to prove disruptive impact

The ‘father’ of LiFi Harald Haas said on Monday (27 February) that its LED-based wireless connection deserved EU support, while blockchain developers defended the major impact of the public ledger in society.
Energy 04-07-2018

60th anniversary of EU meets challenges from environmentalists

This coming Saturday marks the 60th anniversary of the founding of the European Union, and environmentalists said they find it unfortunate that a preliminary document for the Rome declaration does not contain any references to climate change.

Endocrine disruptors: the Everest of bad EU governance

    Given the sensitivity of the issue, I have to be careful and begin by stating that I have no interest, direct or indirect, with any of the players in this dossier which combines all the flaws of today’s...
Agrifood 03-06-2018

Agri-machinery expert: EU CAP should go digital to be ‘green and attractive’

The post-2020 EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) should include targeted support measures for farmers to invest in precision farming technologies with proven environmental benefits, Ulrich Adam said in an interview with EURACTIV.com.
Road charging 21-05-2018

Austria to file legal challenge against German highway toll

Austria said on Friday (31 March) it would file a legal challenge against plans by Germany to introduce a road toll for foreign-registered cars using German highways.
Agrifood 18-05-2018

UK took a tentative step towards leaving the EU with a Brexit deal

The UK took a tentative step towards leaving the EU with a Brexit deal announced on Tuesday (13 November), as negotiators appeared to reach a technical agreement on its withdrawal from the bloc more than two years after Britain voted...
Agrifood 16-05-2018
Global Europe 25-04-2018

Several hurt in clashes at Turkey’s Brussels consulate

Several people were injured and taken to hospital after supporters and opponents of the Turkish government clashed outside the country's consulate in central Brussels on Thursday (30 March), Belgian police said.
Economic governance 20-04-2018

European Economic Forecast: ‘Sunny’ with a “chance” of uncertainty

EU economies are expected to grow throughout 2018. The upturn is the first time in almost a decade that member states have collectively experienced positive growth.
Agrifood 18-04-2018

The end of multimodal transport?

As the EU moves into the era of "smart mobility", Dan Wolff wonders whatever happened to the idea of multimodal transport. Just because road freight innovates faster than other transport modes doesn't mean policymakers should give up on multimodality, he argues.

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